Is Safwork Kenya legit or scam?

Safwork is a new business platform which has been in operation for a short time. Its target market being in Kenya and its environs. It’s upon bloggers such as me to ensure that this one search will help you make the right choice.


 How does Safwork Kenya operate?

Safwork Kenya is a platform to which one can enrol at but before you do let’s check if the earning methods are worth joining.

Safwork is a platform which offers services such as app installation, social media post such as in WhatsApp and other medias and completing surveys.

Joining Safwork is free according to the information in their website. You don’t have to pay any activation fee get to know legit ways of making money at the comfort of your home from approved sites where you can make money at the comfort of your home.

6 ways of earning in Safwork Kenya

 Watching videos

Safwork pays videos 50ksh per video watched. Majorly these videos will be found on your account’s dashboard. Upon checking, some videos actually pay more but the question is YouTube hardly pays over 10$ per 1000 views. So, if you do the math one view one subscription for 100ksh equivalent to 1$ sounds a bit too easy.

Downloading apps

What really happens is that you get paid around 250ksh to download the app and install it. After reviewing with out team of review writers on the issue we found out that the apps being installed have varying payments. The highest paying being 80ksh and others paying as low as 2ksh.


Surveys have had well known sites which pay something small. Well, they won’t earn you that 4, 5 ,6 figure you have always dreamt off. During one’s free time they are always been something that one can engage in and earn some few coins.  

Safwork claims to pay as much as 200Ksh per survey which is high compared to the rest of the survey sites which pay way less.

Daily checking reward

A tip that will earn you 25ksh although the bonus does vary constantly from time to time.  


In addition, Safwork members are rewarded for referrals of at least less than 10 members then can make the first withdrawal.

Minimum withdraws are made from 5000ksh meaning they are no instant withdraws made to which are processed on Saturdays.

Is Safwork Legit or scam?

Finally, if you have made it to this far in the article it is recommended then you must be anxious to know if it’s a Ponzi scheme or not. As you have seen from the above it’s a platform that has opportunities to generate revenue and earn you something. Its highly recommended that as you engage in all those activities that you don’t be tempted to invest anything on your end since it’s a new platform as often site as those are.

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