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juicy field .io
juicy field .io

What is JuicyField .io?

 JuicyField .io is a platform which helps all cannabis growing community in need of financial funding to grow their cannabis with ease especially for medical purposes in countries which its legal. The platform allows all those people to come together for the betterment of the communities and the medicinal benefits that come along with it.

The platform was launched in the beginning of October to give way to potential investors with investment plans of putting in cryptocurrency funding for the cannabis growing businesses.

Continue reading the review and get to learn how you JuicyField operates and improves and expands small business related with cannabis growing. Get to read more of our articles on how you can make money at the comfort of your home


NOTE, I am not a member of JuicyField .io and any information shared is purely dependent on research and information available either on their public domain or other sources of information from our trusted team of researchers.

How does JuicyField .io work?

 As earlier mentioned JuicyField .io is a platform that brings cannabis enthusiast looking for financial funding for their businesses which must be cannabis related for medicinal purposes. The platform offers the businesses an opportunity for them to come together improve and expand.

Potential investors invest cryptocurrencies meaning euros, Bitcoins, Ethereum are completely acceptable amongst other withdrawals and deposits.

 How to join JuicyField .io

Joining JuicyField .io is very easy and its also free too. Anyone interested in joining is required to open an account with their email address in which everything else falls in place automatically.

Features on JuicyField .io investment

There are 4 types of medicinal cannabis plants in which one can invest in. to begin with one must buy each of them in the manner that follows;

  1. Juicy flash

This package requires one to deposit 50 euros in which will be used to buy the cannabis. The investment period is 108 days which is the same as the if the cannabis plant one is investing to buy. The medicinal cannabis have different maturity dates and growing periods so they use these to guide them on investment.

After the 108 days the plant is ready for harvesting and the cannabis plant is sold at a 68 to 83 euro. Interest for the juicy flash will therefore be around 18 to 33 euros hence you get to earn something good at the end of the investment.

  • Juicy Kush

These package avails a single plant package for 2000 euros. The investment period is 4 years with 3 harvests. The returns are around 500 and 750 euros in every harvest. Meaning after the 4 harvest one will earn up to 6000 euro on a bad harvest and 9000 euros on a good harvest. Which is pretty good cash.

What does JuicyField .io

The platform connects individuals with passion on investing in medicinal cannabis to fund their small businesses which helps them produce and sell their cannabis products.

What is JuicyField .io profitability

the minimum investment is 50 euros with several investments you stand to earn 4500euros to 12,000 euros depending on the investment platform chosen.


JuicyField .io is just like any other online platform with potential and also scamming potential. Its is therefore advised that you always invest with cation be it in this or other sites.

Any payment proof that has been or will be presented to you is not enough evidence of payment or eligibility of the platform.

Some of the essential things that you should check on before deciding whether to invest in the site include

Site information whether it aligns properly

Company’s legal registration which reads Germany as they claim

Any partnership mention to check accountability of the companies they are partnering with.

It is my hope that the review above has helped you know about JuicyField. Io      

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