TwigaMart Agencies Honest review 2022

TwigaMart Review
TwigaMart Review

TwigaMart is an new online platform has just been launched 16th July 2022 and with only 500ksh you can activate your account. Anyone looking for extra income this definitely the opportunity. TwigaMart has been made it available in the market at a platform in which the youth can get to earn at the comfort of their homes. On just the activation of TwigaMart account, one is able to enjoy doing stuff that they are already used to and earn easy cash while doing so.

Is TwigaMart a legit platform? Can you earn money on TwigaMart?

Stick with us as we breakdown TwigaMart and enable you to sign up and make extra cash.

How does TwigaMart operate

As mentioned earlier, activation of an account will require 500ksh which is a favourable amount to begin with. On activation, then you have options in which you can get to multiply your invested cash and make much more.

Here are some of the options;

Ways of earning on TwigaMart  

1.Affiliate Programs

Meaning when one enrols a direct person with your link, you get to make 250ksh. The second downline one earns 150ksh. Third flows to 50ksh.

In table form;


(Activate your account now, and start earning)

The more you invite your friends to join the more money you cash out following the order in the table above.

2.Spin and win with TwigaMart

On activation of your account, you get to play Free spin bonus where you try you luck with a maximum of 1000ksh to be won on the spin. This option is free for all with activated accounts.

3.YouTube videos

Real cash just from watching uploaded YouTube videos in the platform. This is supported by youtubers who pay the site to find persons to like, share and subscribe to their content.

This option is available for all with active accounts which is a pretty easy way to make some cash at the comfort of your home.

4.Advert links

Ad links are provided in the site in which any account holder can click onto and any easy money.

The more ads you click the more cash you get to earn. Choose now and enrol on TwigaMart.

5.Binary Bots

As a member of TwigaMart one can get to win Binary bots which are designed to make trades in Forex. They are able to predict trades and make smart choices on behalf of the trader based on the required evaluations to make a successful trade.   

Instagram, Twitter and YouTube giveaways  

On acquiring an account, submit your username of the above social medias and stand a chance to get free followers on Instagram, free views on YouTube. This is a pretty interesting feature for social media fans.

6.Games, Chess and Draught

For players there is a special spot for all who will stand to win arranged tournaments. Bonuses are given away to Top achievers in the games. Games are played against an AI (artificial intelligence), computed game playing software.

play, enjoy and win these games and stand a chance to win at TwigaMart

7.Quizzes and Article writing

Easy questions are provided to all who have active accounts and to all who score correctly are awarded with prices. To all questions answered correctly great prices are won while well written submitted articles, owners are awarded cash prices.

8.Airtime and eBook

Some airtime is provided for all users at cheaper prices. Free magazines and journals can also be downloaded from the site in which if sold one can get to earn easy cash    

Withdrawals and activations are instant and automatically processed

5 Advantages of TwigaMart

Activities involved in the making of cash in the site are doable by any individual

Ways of making cash vary to everyone’s preference starting from making article writing to spin and cash games

Small starting/ activation fee which is 500ksh for every individual

Instant withdraws and activations making referrals favourable and site user-friendly

Find more ways in which you can make money at the comfort of home


IS TwigaMart a legit platform

According to our research, withdraws and activations are instant are reviewed above. No suspicious activity in the site has been detected nor complaints from any of the users. It is advised that you invest with caution as most sites of these form mostly disappear after a few months. Caution should be taken while investing anything. Otherwise, all the methods highlighted above are all available for any account holder to earn from.

Add onto the team and get to earn some extra cash too.

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