What is LIPAPAL Agencies

LIPAPAL agencies is a new platform about to be launched in 27th November. It’s located in Nairobi, Nairobi West, Kenya where one can get to make real money and earn some extra cash online.

Just like any other money-making online agency the activation required to cash in a small amount of money which is 450kesh to start off business with them and make much more with their amazing offers for you to choose from.

How does Lipapal Agencies really work?

It’s an affiliate programme where you invite others using a link and get to earn as you do so

Level 1 = kesh 250

Level 2 = kesh 100

Level 3 = kesh 50

Those are the bonus earnings from the program according to each level. They are more ways of earning with Lipapal Agencies continue reading to find out more ways in which you can earn with Lipapal and get to earn more.

Get to read more articles on how to make money from home and more legit sites you can make cash from home. Down below are ways you can also get to make real money from Lipapal well elaborated.

9 Ways of earning with Lipapal Agencies

  1. Watching YouTube videos meaning you can get to watch YouTube videos and earn real cash from it remember that you must finish watching as required afterwards you get to paid instantly. Just like other platforms you these earning feature is very friendly and will help you earn a few coins on the site.
  2. Uploading video content from YouTube channel and get to promote your channel and also earn extra cash. These way you get to promote your channel and also earn while doing so.
  3. Spin and win casino if you get lucky enough you win prices which will be a bonus on your end. spins only cost around 25 kesh which is very cheap and affordable for anyone to try their luck. These is a new feature in most of the sites we review and it helps many earn and stand a chance to win wonderful gifts from just a few spin. its definitely on worth trying.  
  4. Casino spin with a minimum amount of just 25 kesh you get to be lucky and win 10 times the stake you put depending on your luck.
  5. Trivia Quiz these are easy question to which one can answer and they are available for free meaning you get paid when you answer them correctly. when answered correctly you stand a chance to get some real cash. Well, you have to be a bit informed to ensure you get as many questions correctly. Giving you a better chance of winning cash.
  6. Blogging and article writing able to post articles and get to earn according to the quality of the post one has written. The posts will be reviewed after every 24 hours after posting and hence determining the amount of money you get to make from them.
  7. Discounted airtime and eBooks these includes magazines and journals in pdf form which one can download and sell to business minded people which they get to read business ideas
  8. Activation vouchers these are available for users buy using balance then using I to activate other clients using the automated process. For members with consistent operation on the site stand a chance to earn vouchers to which one can use to help earn extra money on the site.
  9. Special features activation for any region and country comes with some privilege withdrawal feature.

Pay-outs are made instantly through Mpesa to individual Mpesa accounts. In caseof any enquires you can always contact the number 0795800571


NOTE, I am not a member of Lipapal agencies and everything written on these blog is part of research and information available online and in their public domain. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may not apply to all persons or situations.


The explanation above is more than sufficient to help you whether to enrol or not to in Lipapal Agencies. it is advised that you invest or play the games with cation as the platform is a new one.

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