Digitrust Investment Kenya Review: Should you really invest In Digitrust ?

is digitrust legit or scam?

Is Digitrust Investment Kenya Scam or Legit?

After analysing Digitrust Investment with my team here are a few these you will interest you on exactly what is Digitrust Investment. Before we do get to breakdown Digitrust note that its upon passionate bloggers such as my team to ensure that you don’t get scammed by the new or even existing online platform in the aim of making fast income. We are here to ensure you do get to invest in confidence for more money and of course a better living and lifestyle.

Just like other reviews we have written before such as Huluworks, Prizerebel, Earnwave and vivacious, Digitrust Investment is a site that is worth reviewing to give you absolute confidence when making investments.

What is Digitrust Investment?

is Digitrust legit or Scam?

Digitrust Investment is an online investment platform based in Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda. The platform operates on investment meaning that your earnings will be determined by exactly how much you invest.

How Will earn From Digitrust Investment?

This is where we do the math, we get down to the analysis and crack down the legitimacy of sites and their credibility. we get to place the cards on the table and you decide, you as the reader, whether the site is worth investing or not.

That said, let’s get to see who much it takes to enrol in Digitrust Investment.

Different packages go for different countries which include Kenya being Ksh 250, Tanzania

being Tsh 6250, Uganda 9000.

you can see it in the table summarised below.

Ksh 250Tsh 6250Ush 9000
Digitrust Activation fees

After that is done, we get to the investment packages. Investment packages basically means

getting to know the ranges of investment that can be made on Digitrust.

Table on packages is summarized below

Package InvestmentProfit
Silver 50,001-100,0005,000-10,000
Lithium 100,001-150,00010,000-15,000
Digitrust Investment Kenya packages

From the table above you will get to realize that the packages range as low as Ksh 500 which

is quite favourable going as high as Ksh 500,000. Now that we the ranges of income one can

invest depending on what you have set aside its time to check how much you will gain in

return. For a 500 – 10,000 investment you will earn an estimated profit of around Ksh 50-

1,000. On doing the math here, you will see you get to earn a commission of 10% back,

which will be Ksh 1,000 in a day. It will take you 10 days to make the actual money you

invested. If it’s ksh 500 then you will make Ksh 50 and only after !0 days will you get all the

money you invested back. If it 10,000 then you get a Ksh 1000 bob adding up to Ksh 10,000

in 10 days.

Is Digitrust Investment Worth Investing in?

Let’s get down to the real deal, the real question is its worth?


Who gives you 10% profit and refunds all the money you invested in just 10 days? Its

perfectly practicable buy in business there must be a win-win situation a point many people

forget and end up

being scammed later.

When evaluating these kinds of sites, we do get the chance to weigh the sides. Who is

Benefits of enrolling in Digitrust Investment?

5 Way of Benefits Of Enrolling in Digitrust Investment

Anyway, the real deal is that, its upon one to decide whether to or not to invest in the site. Digitrust investment has benefits to which one is likely to enjoy upon enrolling. That is:

  1. Instant withdrawals upon making an investment
  2. High profit rates dependent on the money you invest
  3. Minimum investments of as low as Ksh 500
  4. Maximum investments of Ksh 500,000
  5. High return income rate

I hope this article was helpful to you and I do hope that you get to invest wisely and get to increase your income, improve your livelihood and in general make money online at the comfort of your home .

Conclusion on Digitrust Investment

It is always my advice that whenever you want to make investments or want to earn online its best that you make that one search, read a review it might cost you or save you a lot of effort and money over these never-ending money laundering schemes.

Get to read other blogs on sites that we have reviewed and choose one of your interests to increase your figures or even earn just an extra coin at the comfort of your home.

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