Huluworks Honest Review:
huluworks is a scam

Is Huluworks legit or scam?

Huluworks is a new earning platform recently launched for people to gain wealth over small investments such as low as 40Kes approximately 0.4dollars. As review writer on legit and scam sites, I will say one search can save you from making a grave mistake. Nevertheless, it can also be the game changer in your life to elevate you to earn the income of your dreams.

Here are a few articles for you interested in making money online at the comfort of your home and improve your lifestyle.

Huluworks has majorly hit around Kenya where one is required to buy seats to be liable for tasks. After enrolment, members are eligible to tasks depending on the seat one has bought. The higher the cost the package the more the tasks one will be provided with hence earn more. Tasks given involve subscribing, commenting and sharing social media posts in the aim of raising traffic. It is through this that Huluworks gets to pay its members who will have applied according to the packages below.

Huluworks packages

Huluworks packages operates with seats bought from level 1 to 6. The enrolment price for these seats is as follows:


Has a daily income of 20Kes

Daily task offered will be one

Price Kes 0

Balance needed 200Kes


Has a daily income of 40Kes

Daily task offered will be one

Price Kes 240 Kes

Balance needed 800Kes


Has a daily income of 300Kes

Daily task offered will be five

Price Kes 2000

Balance needed 4000Kes


Has a daily income of 1120Kes

Daily task offered will be 8

Price Kes 6600

Balance needed 15400Kes


Has a daily income of 3840Kes

Daily task offered will be 12

Price Kes22,000

Balance needed 44000Kes


Has a daily income of Kes 7800

Daily task offered will be 15

Price Kes 40,000

Balance needed Kes 80,000

PackagePackage PriceMinimum Price RequiredNo. of TasksDaily Income
VIP 1240800240
VIP 220004,0005300
VIP 3660015,40081120
VIP 42200044,000123840
VIP 540,00080,000157800
summary of Huluworks packages

As per the analysis above you will see the lower the package the lesser the income. Well, one can chose to enrol free and earn 20Kes for each task but one will only be allowed to withdraw upon hitting 1200 Kes that will amount to exactly 60tasks. The question is, is it worth? Nothing comes easy so when the deal is too good one must definitely put in some extra thought because no one will give you money for free.

3 Reasons Why Huluworks Scam / Legit?

  • The kind of task and investment required, to begin with, is not worth the effort because they’re way better sites where you will earn much more for better tasks for lesser time.
  • Secondly, Huluworks is a new site which every experienced business person in the aim of investing will advice not to invest. Such sites have a tendency of disappearing/ collapsing after people have enrolled just like other sites like amazon and vivacious that we have seen before. Often than not, members of such small upcoming sites will be left in tears after investing without proper research and guidelines.
  • Huluworks uses the name if a recognized American television network run by The Walt Disney Company. These is definitely a red flag as its highly questionable since it can be sued for such negligence. With such questions arising only one blind enough would fall for such a trap. Huluworks is definitely a scam site like any other. It will not be the first nor the last passionate writers to ensure that you make your investment with confidence. Get to read more interesting articles on ways of making money online and get to earn the figure of your dreams from any location.

Step By Step Guide on How to Make money on Huluworks

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