Happy trust investment (HTI) review

happy trust investment
happy trust investment

Welcome to happy trust investment (HTI) review

Happy trust investment is a new platform in which one is required to invest so as to earn an extra income.

Here we get to answer the questions on how happy trust investment works? Whether happy trust investment scam or legit?

How does Happy Trust Investment work?

Happy Trust Investment is a platform that requires one register with Ksh400 as an enrolment fee to join the company.

After which one gets to be exposed with lots of opportunities in which one can choose from.

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  • Please note, am not a member of the affiliate happy trust investment. This review is purely based on research and information done online by my team. Any recommendations and conclusions are only opinions and may now apply to all persons or situations.

Happy Trust Investment operations

Enrolling in the platform opens up an opportunity for one to make their investments.

One being the Dynamic Min and Max

You start with a minimum investment of amount Ksh500 and a maximum investment of Ksh3000

Return of interest of 30% in just 4 days

You get to receive a 3% level 1 bonus each time any Downlines invest using your referral link.

happy trust investment

Affiliate breakdown

Level 1ksh 300

Withdrawal in Happy Trust investment

Instant 24/7 withdrawal can be made at anytime any day limited to only Ksh300

Follow these link to visit the website and follow the procedure below to make your investment

You will register where you are required to fill in your First name

Your last name

Your Email

Your Username


Referral by

Subscription of 400

After this process you will notice that

1.What happens if you don’t activate your account?

If you don’t pay the Ksh400 to activate after creating your account they delete your account. Due to the fact that you cannot earn without an inactive account.

2.Will you earn from referrals?

In theory, you will earn from referrals. Meaning that in real sense they do promise that as a way t lure down more people to join the scam.

3. Is happy trust investment legally registered

Being that the company is using another company’s name we consider that a violation legally. Making my team really doubt the legitimacy of the company.

Should you really invest in Happy Trust Investments?

 Happy trust investment is a too new platform in my opinion for any serious investor to consider growing his funds there. That said, the stakes are just too high for one to invent consider putting huge amounts on the platform.

After researching it with my team we came to find out the there is exactly as site registered under the same name which was one huge red flag.

The information provided even by their links is too scarce to consider putting up hard earned money on the site.

Such sites end up disappearing with no trace of even the owner making it hard to trace your money.

In my own honest opinion happy Trust investment is one big SCAM!!!

if you have been scammed feel free to open up with these team who will guide you on the right procedures to get your investment back.

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