Welcome to review a new betting site in town up and running to increase your chances of getting a coin from the online internet platform. Pakakumi is a spot in which one can play win and even shop. No negative reviews have been received from any of the participates or those who have interacted with the site. It has very high review point which is a 5 star quite high. It’s a new site with a private registration.

Get to visit and place your bet the site at or you can get it at a redirecting website at

The site is described as the best online multiplayer game in Kenya fantastic record and an eye catching one as per say. That said the SSL certificate seems to be valid but never the less it’s the low SSL type (DV SSL) Domain validated type.

Background check on the sites shows that the administrator resides is in the US and can be reached at

If you do wish to check the credibility of the site manually then here is a way you can get to prove whether it’s safe for to you engage with the site without fear

Get to visit site where you can make money online at the comfort of your own home without having to bet or risk.

How operates

It operates on games to which you place a bet and, in every opportunity, you get to place a bet before the round starts. Sounds fair.

Then they are bonus awards for inviting friends to join you play in the site after which they can also get a chance to play too.

Every round, a lucky multiplier starts with one and gets to climb higher and higher.

All these you get to join free of charge no registration fee or anything you choose to play you choose to place a bet join now.

When you register, you are immediately taken to their dashboard which has a set of instructions. You will see a slot where you can place you bet at an amount of your choice and a cash out level just next to it.

Well, you still have an option to cash out at anytime manually. All these features have made the site get 5-star review from its audience and participates.

I was personally impresses with the speed and functionality of the site.

When you place your bet the BET button turns yellow sowing you your bet is on. What you win will be determined by the

WIN = BET AMOUNT * CURRENT MULTIPLIER which is a formula that determines your in

It is advised you use a phone number that can is connected to your Mpesa to allow deposits and withdraws from the site   

How to win in Pakakumi?

You have first to understand it’s a game of bet. In which as highly as you can win you can as highly loose. It’s a 50/50 probability. That said, so how do you really win in Pakakumi?

You choose a bet at a minimum price of 50 KSH and cash out a multiplier factor.  You can now place your bet. There is a table that displays the multiplier factor as it rises from one going upwards live. Get your bet to increase as the formula to winning is WIN = BET AMOUNT * CURRENT MULTIPLIER.

Do your math and ensure you hit the highest win. Remember you are live and the site is extremely busy and then you can press the cash out button.

You can also get to share the site with your friends and get to win awesome commissions.

Join the site here and now and start betting.

Watch About

How to Withdraw from PAKAKUMI.COM

From the logged in dashboard, you will select withdraw. You can make instant withdrawals after winning. Just input the amount you wish to withdraw it ill be processed directly to the connected line to the account.

Conclusion on

The site has not reported any frauds but it can’t be praised as per say it’s still too early to conclude about it. It has a clear record according to our research but its often advised to approach with much caution as often they are usually some skeletons in the closet that are revealed later on.

Its advised that you should be above 18 years of age and avoid huge bets since the site is new. Bet responsibly and with caution.

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