Honest review review review is a SCAM!!

Welcome to the review which is a platform that promises to offer trade that will elevate your financial position. They claim to have been in experience for the past 15 years and can complete more than 18 thousand transactions in a day. That being the case, the company shows no evidence of any kind of transparency or even professionalism which is one big red flag that any serious potential investor should see before investing in the platform blindly.

That said the have no background information on anything that brings them out transparently like any founders or even any employee that one can identify with. This has thus proven that these are scammers that are more than ready to take advantage of any innocent trader lenient enough not to do a background check on them.

Me and my team make it our priority to ensure that such scammers are brought to the light and hence it recommended that that one search or background check can save you a big loss.

If you have fallen victim to this company kindly fill free to visit these sites and seek assistance from the team.

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How operates

City Traders operates on investment services in areas such as Stocks, Cryptocurrency, Forex, CFDs and many others. They attract potential investors by portraying sensible profits that will lure down anyone with an eye to increase their investment not knowing it’s a trap to which one will make big losses along the way eventually ending up with nothing.

Additionally, blindly offers its client with a few basic tools and basic information on trade so as to seem that they do mind their client where else its just away of luring them with basic trading information that can be found anywhere in the net.

As if that’s not enough, they often have a hand over offer to which will get you to make your deposits of a 50% bonus but unfortunately that will be the end of you and the bonus you just made. The bonus and the deposit will both be un withdrawable which is often a frustration for most newbies.

Well, it’s a SCAM!!!

Such forex brokers operate in a very predictable way. Let’s take an example, they offer a deal that’s so good to be true then after making a deposit will get directed to a smarter scammer to which will also tap more from you in the aim of trying to recover what you have already invested you will be tempted to continue investing more them.

Eventually, the vicious cycle comes to end with one frustrated investor and one successful scam.

Deposits and withdraws does offer payment methods which are irreversible they sell products like softwares for trade that will eventually not be helpful to the buyer making it a flat investment. This has often been a trait for any unregulated scam traders.

After any deposits made the city traders often don’t show any trading activities to the investor who just invested which is alarming a tread that has been reported by those who have previously invested in the site. This makes it impossible to determine results from the money invested blindly leading to the company swindling fund with no proof of services that have benefitted the client.

They claim to have been in the market for the past 15 years and with advance technology in marketing niche of trade which after reviewing with my team is a one big lie to get the potential investors trust.

After making deposits, they are irreversible and yet still funds made cannot be withdrawn from the site when already in the system. When it comes to legitimate sites instant withdraws can made in the site and if one chooses to walk away from the trade immediate refunds should be made. Scammers operate in that manner to ensure no funds get back anyone willing to withdraw from the trade or anyone seeking refund. support team

A close research on the company is that it has no telephone system to which you can make enquires nor complains. These is something my team came to find out after closely studying company for a while. They do not reveal their location anyone blind enough can see that this company cannot be trusted. Nevertheless, reaching them is practically impossible with that kind of portfolio and a very unresponsive support team which is all a scam.

Conclusion on is definitely questionable and is a company that’s breaking the law and further more taking advantage of many potential and innocent investors. its founders and employees are not traceable but it’s definitely a company that should be avoided at all cost. They are likely to face and should face criminal changes for any illegal activity going on using their site as a bait trap.

It is therefore advised that one should not invest in the company. IT IS A SCAM!!!

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