What is ergo coin?

Basically, ergo coin is a platform which uses the latest scientific research and technology in the blockchain to technically and economically advanced version of existing blockchains like Bitcoin and Ethereum. Ergo coin was developed by IOHK alumnus, mainly to solve the most crucial stable coin problems since it possesses limitless functionality.

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When it comes to bitcoin security has been an issue but not with ergo coin since it uses potent scripting to unlock the full potential of bitcoin and thus solving the security and scalability issues. Ultimately, its main net provides users a decentralised, efficient, secure, and easy platform. It uses its own consensus algorithm: Autolycus, which is an ASIC resistant GPU mineable algorithm that works most efficiently with 4-8GB GPU cards. This unique feature creates an equal playing field to all miners and grants them fair access to mining rewards.

A lot has been done to ensure that Ergo coin has stood especially with the strong technical team behind it ensuring that its technical development is at its highest.

Its progress since its launching back in 2019 is actually incredible and especially over the last few months where its online presence in both Twitter and Reddit with over 27k and 10k members respectively. Its miners are an integral to building the ergo blockchain, currently it has a network of approximately 27TH/s. this almost six times the hash rate of the ergo coin network from just a couple months ago.

How much is Ergo coin?

Ergo coin is around $17 however that price keeps fluctuating depending on the actual real time and value in the market.

It is ranked at the #121 position in the crypto dominating market as of 11th September 2021.

Where to buy Ergo

Currently exchanges on Ergo coin are being found at, Kucoin,, Biki and ProBit Globa.

Following the links above will guide you to buying the Ergo coin with secure and efficient ways of financially contracting the cryptocurrency.

Where to sell Ergo

Some of the platforms in which you can get to sell your ergo coin are, Kucoin,, Biki and profit Global

Is Ergo coin worth mining?

Whether the ergo coin is worth mining is a question lingering in the mind of every potential investor aiming to build his or her crypto market and account using the coin.

Anyone hungry enough with the potential is Definitely a risk worth taking. Currently, it has the highest profitability meaning it will get anyone huge profits since its value is rapidly rising and is showing a great future ahead.

5 Advantages of buying Ergo

  1. The security of ergo is way secure and scalable as compared to other cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin making it stand out of every other crypto that has been there.
  2. Ergo has unique features making it stand out of every other crypto that enables its miners and grants to have a level playing field that is technically at its highest.
  3. A strong technical team is behind the development of the currency making it stand out
  4. Over the few years it has been introduced in the market its market and demand has been rising meaning its building its blockchain and value which is a good thing for the persons in the crypto marketers
  5. Its value is rapidly increasing meaning its price is rising something very vital for its growth its miners and traders.

Disadvantages of investing in Ergo

Firstly, ergo is a currency that a bit new in the market considering the rest of the market which anyone in the crypto market would tell you


What that really means is that investing in small crypto coin trying to build its position in the crypto world is the last thing anyone in an unstable financial position should be making.

Small coins such as ergo no matter how efficient and potential they are carry a higher risk of loosing value since their foundation is not yet established. Hence should be approached with caution by any newbie trying to make something in the crypto world.

Problems being solved by using Ergo

Ergo is a digital currency that has a high level of technical knowledge behind its invention and scalability. What really makes it stand out from the rest of the cryptocurrency is that it maintains privacy without compromising any security. These enables the market is stable and it doesn’t loose value as the miners and market is stable something really crucial in the crypto world.

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