Wild Animals In Africa

wild Africa
Wild Africa


It is my hope that, you my reader, will get a glimpse of the most beautiful and worlds rarest animals wild animals in Africa from these article. Africa is a pretty broad continent being the largest continent in the world. Its populated with wonderful people and spectacular wild animals which I am about to break down with my team.

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5 Wild Animals Only Found in Africa

The Wild Cheetah

wild animals in Africa
cheetah in the wild

The cheetah is a large cat found in Africa and is known to be the world’s largest animal.

 It is estimated to run at a speed of 128km per hour.

Cheetahs have a length of about 1 and 1.5m long, with their body weighing about 40kgs.


wildebeest in wild Africa

It belongs to the family of antelopes, cattle, goats, and sheep. Wildebeest’s name is Dutch, meaning “wild beast,” and resembles cattle.

Have shaggy manes and roman noses

It is 100 to 150cm tall and weighs about 180kgs. They are known for long migrations searching for water and pasture, a cycle repeated every year and attracted many tourists.


wild animals in Africa

It’s the largest bird globally, with a height of 2.1 to 2.8m males and 1.7 to 2m in females. Ostriches have remained flightless birds, as they found fossils indicate.

It’s the largest bird and heaviest globally, and as much as it can’t fly, its legs are built for running. 

It has often been nicknamed the “camel bird” due to its sweeping eyelashes, long neck, prominent eyes, and outstanding walk.


giraffe in Wild Africa

It’s a tall mammal with a long neck with large brown eyes, with really long black eyelashes.

Due to climatic changes, it has evolved to form several new species and caused the extinction of Asian giraffes as the African giraffe survived the changes.

The giraffe’s special feature is its long neck and legs, which makes it the tallest mammal in the world. Its long leg can enable it to run for almost 60km per hour.



One of the largest monkeys inhabits the rainforest of equatorial Africa.

They are omnivorous, meaning they eat both meat and plants; their diet consisting of insects and fruits.

Males weigh  32.3 kgs while females weigh 12.4kgs.

They are exceptionally colorful with red and blue pigments.

 8 Most dangerous wild animals in Africa


wild animals in Africa
mosquito sucking blood from a host

Mosquitoes are species of small animals that feed on protein and iron found in blood to lay eggs. Per year they kill over 1,000,000 people due to the diseases transmitted. A mosquito is one animal one shouldn’t underestimate its potential. 


wild animals in Africa

The rhino is one of the very large mammals found in Africa wild and is a highly endangered species. It’s characterized by its long-horned snouts, some having one while others two. There are three types of rhinos the white, black, and Sumatran. They live on land and are slightly hot-tempered; hence, dangerous if it uses the horns, they are high chances it will kill or injure one.

The Lion

wild animals in Africa

A well-known built beast known as the “King of the Jungle” comes second after the tiger in size. A lion majorly prefers to live in open grounds where it can haunt its prey at ease. Interestingly, a mature lion’s roar can be heard as far as 8km away, making it the loudest big cat. It has good vision at night, giving it an upper advantage over its prey.  


Snakes are creepy and scary reptiles known to swallow their prey whole. Mostly found in forest, swamps, and grassy places and are highly poisonous. They are cold-blooded creatures meaning they bask in the sun if they need warmth. They slither at a speed of 20km per hour, meaning they are quite fast be careful when you get in contact with one.


wild animals in Africa

The crocodiles are wild large reptiles with powerful jaws and thick skin. They are majorly found in Africa, Australia, and America. When underwater, a crocodile’s eyes, nostrils, and ears are usually above water to help them breathe. Their diet comprises mammals and small animals living in the water, such as small fish and frogs. Surprisingly, they also feed on stones to improve their diet.


wild animals in Africa

The third-largest wild living mammal after white rhinos and elephants. What is special about the hippo is that its semi-aquatic, meaning it lives partly on land and in water. Bodies are barrel-shaped with short legs and an enormous head. One interesting fact about the hippo is that its skin is bulletproof and cannot be killed by a bullet.

African elephant

wild animals in Africa

The largest mammal on earth is mainly found in Africa. They are herbivorous creatures and feed on fruit, plants, and trees.

Elephants have a life span of about 70 years and spend most of their lives eating and migrating. They are highly intelligent and hold the complex feeling of self-love and compassion. They are endangered because of their costly trunks, which are a source of ivory.


wild animals in Africa

A buffalo has a cattle appearance but is not at all related to the cow. It is shorter than other species and has horns that curve upwards. They feed on vegetation, making them herbivorous. It weighs around 1000 pounds and has a height of 4-5 feet. They are aggressive in nature, making them impossible to domesticate. It can live up to 20 years.


 The wild-life in Africa is quite broad, and all can’t be exhausted in this one blog, but I will try covering as much as possible just to share the wonderful bits of Africa and hopefully add more blogs on this topic. 

My love for the wild

I have always had a special place for the wild in me, and in this blog, I take the chance to appreciate the wonderful wildlife in my continent, Africa.

Keep healthy, Keep learning


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