PB Power App Honest Review 2021{Kenya}:

PB Power App
PB Power App

 What is PB Power App

PB Power App is an economic online platform established in 2019 but has caught our attention for the last two to three months. Some members have been benefiting from the app and the question lingering is whether this is a legit platform to which one can actually make money from. Its my hope that after reading this article you will get to know the entire experience and all possible details about PB Power App.

According to the research done, nothing is required to actually benefit from the platform where basically you just need to invest your money and you start reaping the benefits gradually getting to reap the profits of your investment in small bits. The amount you get to get from the platform is an equivalent of what you get to invest in the platform.

How does PB Power App actually work?

  1. When you get to invest you start earning the following week from doing absolutely nothing. Yeah, you got that right. Well, its not easy to invest your money blindly on a new platform such as Power Bank but well for those who did then, the benefits start flowing in from the following week.
  2. One gets to withdraw only once per week from Monday to Friday at 9am to 6am and it takes around 24hours for money to be credited in once account. It takes around 2 to 4 hrs for the money to reflect back in once account sometimes its immediate.
  3.  Referrals using your invite link are also a way in which one can get to earn an extra shilling in Power Bank. Referrals build your income since one is rewarded with bonuses which is 5 percent of what they get to invest. Not so bad after all right.
  4. Fortune investments. The word fortune investments broadly says it all. This are huge investments made to the platform for a fixed period of time after which you can withdraw later on. Quite risky, but as the game goes, the high the risk the greater the benefits.

Let’s take a good example, if you invest 600 rupees, you are intitled to 1.45 rupees per hour for a whole year. That means, either way you will get your money back and profit too. Remember from doing absolutely nothing.

So what these tell us about the platform is that its an investment platform which pays every single investor depending on how much they have invested in bits.

The higher your investment the higher your earning. It’s a two-way game.

Now to the main question

PB Power App

Is Power Bank App worth investing in?  

From on honest opinion, Power App worth investing that’s for sure. It is advisable not to invest a lot of money on the site since even its owner is not known yet.

Secondly the site is so new to actually invest large sum of money so that just in case then the big loss won’t fall on you as such sites are fond of disappearing with no trace at all.

Is PB Power App is Real or Fake?

At these juncture, we conclude Power App is real.

Investing small amount is the trick in the game since the risk is too high but as the always say you lie with the final answer only you will choose whether its worth investing or not.

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