Is Vivacious Invest Legit or Scam?

vivacious invest

Vivacious Invest honest review

Vivacious invest is a new investment formed by gold worth ventures aimed at making money through referrals. These applies for all who have joined the program and those yet to join the program.

How does vivacious invest work/operate?

Vivacious invest program operates by packages as listed below

  1. Standard package at 3,000 – 5,000 to get a 200% profit
  2. Premium package at 5,001 – 15,000 for 215% profit
  3. Executive package of 15,001 – 30,000 for 225% profit.

With the huge package investments for the applicants ready to participate you can tell they do promise huge interests on any investment made.

But is it Vivacious invest legit?

Are there chances of getting profits in vivacious invest?

Can vivacious invest help you elevate to the next level?

Registration at vivacious invest is free. Do not be intrigued as this is often the trick to attract more people in the program. it’s often easier to get in and get out wounded.

 That’s why this article is purposely written for you to make your decision after proper evaluation.

One is only allowed to withdraw after reaching 5,000 points mind you the points are worth only 0.5 Kenya shillings.

Ways of earning in vivacious invest

  1. You will earn 7% of whichever direct downline invest you make and these amounts to more points too
  2. You get 4% of any level 2 downline invest
  3. You get 2% of what the level 3 downline invests
  4. You get 1% of what your level 4 downline invest

Let’s break the information down

At first, we have one person enrolling through direct links they are eligible to a 7% of that first investment. If first subject gets to enrol another then that’s a level 2 downline. They stand to get a 2% of what the new member invested. That cycle goes all the way down to the level 4 downline. The money is distributed down the chains like a pyramid with those at the top getting to earn comfortably over a referral link program.

vivacious invest

Bonus points are earned during the enrolment and one gets bonus point for any successful referral. This point can only be credible to cash at 5,000 point each worth 0.5 Kenyan shilling.

Mega spin bets

Mega spin bets are tips on Fridays for those individuals who are lucky in the vivacious invest spin where they stand a chance to win

  1. 10 winners each 7,000ksh
  2. 10 winners each 5ksh
  3. 10 winners each 3ksh

For one to participate there is a fixed charge of 200 shilling for every participant.

Vivacious invest gains its money from masses risking their hard-earned cash to earn from games and other platforms such as the mega spin bets. They are so many ways where one can earn online without having to risk everything in the aim of persuading people to join a scheme of promised profit.

According to research, like other previous schemes that have come up over the years Vivacious invest is a SCAM!

 vivacious invest

 The kind of profits made from investments is very ridiculous that is 200% – 250% in any investment you make. Its often said than done. If you still wondering whether Vivacious program is a scam then am here to tell you that the program is a scam and should be approached vigilantly.

It’s a rigged game from the top aimed at insisting and encouraging people to join afterwards closing up like all the other schemes only to benefit the players who invented the game.

Only someone who is bold enough to play the cards of that game is likely to end up a winner. Choose wisely

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